Diffusing Attention with Music

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Diffusing Attention with Music



This exercise will let you experience what happens when you diffuse your attention. I hope you will realise that many types of meditation and relaxation techniques are based on simply changing your attention style from focusing to diffusing. Once you know how to do it you can get into the ‘zone’ a lot quicker.

You can also listen to it everytime when you want to calm down and relax. I often suggest listening to it 30 minutes before potentially stressful situation (a presentation, a meeting or an interview). You should notice a nice difference. Another option is to do it in the middle of the day – lunch time, for example – and feel how your thinking and behaving changes.

You need about 10 uninterrupted minutes in a quiet environment. The best position is sitting on a chair with hands on your legs.

You can read this article to understand the idea behind diffusing attention better.

This is the first exercise from a series of four that I prepared with my friends Jan and Peter. Jan is a Reiki Master and Peter is a musician and a Sound Healer. They are part of the group called Bright Beings. www.brightbeings.co.uk

This exercise is with music which includes binaural beats. In short, the binaural beats stimulate the brain to produce waves in alpha frequency. You will benefit the most by listening to it with good quality headphones.

Please, read this to find out how to download the exercises. You will receive an email with links to two files containing the same exercise. These files have different quality and size.

1. wav file – good quality but big size (I recommend this one)

2. mp3 file – not as good quality but a lot smaller size

You can choose which one you want to download or you can download both.




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