Dissolving Pain

Dissolving Pain



The dissolving pain exercise will take you through a series of small attention tasks which will make you very calm and quiet. It sounds gentle and soft like guided meditation but is backed up by EEG neuro-feedback research conducted by Dr Lester Fehmi, neuroscientist and psychologist from Princeton, US.

Many of my patients have already participated in this exercise with steady, good results. Pain is usually significantly reduced after the first try, and for some patients it dissolves completely. In most cases the pain improves after 2-3 weeks of regular practice. I can reduce my physical pain with ease.

You can watch a presentation explaining the mechanism of the exercise first.







For what type of pain does this exercise work?

You can dissolve any physical pain like headache, period pain, toothache, joint pain, muscle pain, backache, shoulder pain, stomach ache, earache, sinus pain, pain after injury, pain after a burn, fibromyalgia, CRPS. It works for long lasting, chronic pain as well as for acute pain. You can use this exercise to relax muscles in your shoulders or neck after all day at work.

Do I have to think positively before this exercise?

Positive thinking is always recommended. However, you do not have to set your mind in any way before doing this exercise. This exercise is based on science (brain waves research). It works regardless of your mood or personal belief.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does. Please, read reviews.

Is it really based on science?

Yes, its mechanism can be explaned by current neuroscientific research. You can read this post.

Will it still work when I do it on my own?

Yes, this is the whole idea. After Open Focus Training you will be able to free yourself from physical pain without being led through the exercise by myself.  My role is only to teach you how to become independent in applying Open Focus.

How long does the effect last?

It may be enough to do the exercise once to achieve satisfactory improvement. If you find that the pain has improved but is not completely gone, you can do the exercise twice daily for a few days. The full improvement can usually be achieved after 5-7 days of regular practice.

Does it work on colicky pain?

The important thing is to feel the pain during the exercise. When the pain is intermittent (on/off type of pain) you can memorise the pain (e.g. where it is, how big it is, where its borders are) and work on this area of your body during the exercise. It might be a bit more difficult, but it is possible and can give very good results.

How often can I repeat this exercise?

As often as you like. It will work each time you do it. If the pain returns just repeat the exercise.

If you have suffered for a long time and your mobility has been impaired (e.g. long term shoulder or lower back sufferers) you may get new pains after the exercise because you start using your body in a new, healthier way. If this happens, just do the exercise for these new pains to dissolve them too.

Do I have to know Open Focus theory before trying this exercise?

No, even if you know nothing about Open Focus the exercise can still work.



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6 reviews for Dissolving Pain

  1. I am 56 year old practice nurse and had suffered from chronic pain in my left shoulder for several months. The pain often kept me awake at night and seriously impacted on my ability to take exercise or perform normal activities. Since undertaking session of Open Focus training with Dr Kopec, my pain has now completely resolved. I am now sleeping at night, back at the Gym and swimming four times a week. The added benefit of the training has enabled me to relax more and deal with stress more easily.

    JAN HAWKES (this review has been transferred from the old OFAT website)

    tomasz kopec
    tomasz kopec
  2. I have a wedge fracture which causes an awful lot of pain across the lower part of my back.  Everyday things like sitting and walking are really painful.
    I relied on painkillers to sleep and get through everyday life.
    Now I have been introduced to the ‘dissolving pain exercise’.
    I first tried this treatment at night to see if I could sleep without taking painkillers, and yes, it did work and gave me 4-5 hours sleep. I then tried the exercise during the day, it does not take very long and you do not have to sit in front of a computer because it is easy to remember.
    At first I had to have quiet surroundings, but now I do the exercise whenever I can and just shut myself off to any noise.
    I still take painkillers, but not as many.  My pain is constant and, depending on what I do, can be really bad, but, by doing this exercise I can control the pain and carry on a normal life style without having to rely on the painkillers.

    ANN TAYLOR – BALLARD (this review has been transferred from the old OFAT website)

    tomasz kopec
    tomasz kopec
  3. I attended an appointment with Dr Kopec in September 2010 for more painkillers for my knees. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and a torn cartilage in one knee. I had been taking fairly regular analgesia for this. I received Dr Kopec’s treatment and I have not taken any painkillers for my knees since. I have had very little discomfort in my knees ever since the treatment. I am very pleased with the outcome.

    MAXINE JAMES (this review has been transferred from the old OFAT website)

    tomasz kopec
    tomasz kopec
  4. Open Focus was instant and miraculous for me. I tried it very hesitantly and certainly not really hoping for much from it. At The time I has chronic back pain which 6 surgeons, 7 chiropractors and 6 physiotherapists had been unable to help. I was very limited and often crying with pain. My GP wanted to put me onto 24 hour codeine round the clock.
    The first time I did the exercise 3 months ago, my pain was at an 8. Ten minutes later, it was a 2. Three days later, I had no pain to start from. I have not taken a painkiller since. I still get pain if I do too much or sit too long, but I can remove it with the exercise. I still have to be careful of my back, but one great result is that the muscle spasms have ceased now I am not in pain and my physiotherapist has been able to find the cause of the pain: my sacrum was twisted following a fall 16 years ago.
    I have also used Open Focus for migraine very successfully. My headache was bad enough that I thought I couldn’t do the exercise as I couldn’t even think. However, I tried it and 20 minutes later was sitting at my computer doing accounts. Because my migraines usually last 5 days, I had to keep repeating the exercise, but it did help enormously.

    JANE, CANADA (this review has been transferred from the old OFAT website)

    tomasz kopec
    tomasz kopec
  5. After many years of struggling with knee pain, I was desperate to try anything that would delay the inevitable knee replacement surgery. Exercises recommended to me by the physio had some benefit but this was not consistent and helped with mobility rather than the pain itself. I tried the pain dissolving exercise not really expecting anything dramatic but even after the first session there was an immediate reduction in pain. Since undertaking the training day I have felt a great improvement so much so that on a recent holiday to Switzerland I was able to enjoy walking for the first time in many years!
    I will be continuing the exercise but now also use an adapted version to help in other areas of my life such as helping to relieve stress and aid sleep. 
    I would recommend the pain dissolving exercise to anyone coping with persistent pain as it could help and is certainly worth a try!

    LINDA PARTRIDGE (this review has been transferred from the old OFAT website)

    tomasz kopec
    tomasz kopec
  6. This short pain dissolving exercise will give you a peek into the benefit you can attain with Open Focus. practice. It is truly amazing how quickly it works to relieve pain.You can use this exercise as a band aid when pain strikes expectedly. Because it is so simple you can memorize it for instant application. (Of course you must do Open Focus exercises regularly several times a day to attain permanent benefits.) Drs Kopec and Fehmi have wonderful programs and suggestions for integrating Open Focus into your everyday life.
    If you suffer from any sort of pain you owe it to yourself to give this a try.

    Connie Sommer (this review has been transferred from the old OFAT website)

    tomasz kopec
    tomasz kopec
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