Easing into sleep with music


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We have designed a mind exercise based on Dr Fehmi’s findings which will help you to fall asleep. It will take you through a series of small attention tasks making your mind very calm and quiet. This exercise sounds gentle and soft like guided meditation but it is based on hard science. The slowing brain activity process will be additionally encouraged by binaural beats in theta frequency.

During the exercise I suggest working on the body sensation – a feeling – related to a worrying or stressful thought. The thought which keeps you awake. I found that once this feeling is not addressed and you accidentally flash it in your head just before falling asleep it can make your mind start chattering again in seconds. If there is nothing specific that keeps you awake just choose, instead of a feeling,  an area of your body that you can feel the best.


This is another exercise that I prepared with my friends Jan and Peter. Jan is a Reiki Master and Peter is a musician and a Sound Healer. They are part of the group called Bright Beings.

This exercise is with music which includes binaural beats. In short, the binaural beats stimulate the brain to produce waves in theta frequency. You will benefit the most by listening to it with good quality headphones.

Please, read this to find out how to download the exercises. You will receive an email with links to two files containing the same exercise. These files have different quality and size.

1. wav file – good quality but big size (I recommend this one)

2. mp3 file – not as good quality but a lot smaller size

You can choose which one you want to download or you can download both.



  1. This is a fantastic new exercise that I urge all to try! Adding music and an amazing, new, very simple visualization has revolutionized this exercise and made it a pleasure to use. I am delighted. Tomasz has been helping me cope with sleep challenges for years, I have all versions of his insomnia cure exercises and I consider this is a quantum leap forward. How much I appreciate his continued efforts to help all of us!

    Harriet Scott
    Harriet Scott
  2. I was sceptical at the beginning… So I downloaded this exercise with not much hope. But it worked. It absolutely worked! I don’t even know when I fell asleep… Thank you!

  3. After using for few weeks I can say it works fine for me.

  4. Thank you so much for this exercise! I like the soothing music, the soft female voice and the easy and pleasant way to expand my awareness and rest in the infinitive space of the Universe.


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