One To One Consultations

One To One Consultations

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You are welcome to book one to one session.

I can introduce you to Open Focus Attention and I can help you to adjust your practice to your needs.

The session can be recorded so you can listen to it again. It lasts 60 minutes.

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1 review for One To One Consultations

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tomasz was great to work with! I was already familiar with Open Focus techniques but wanted to take my practice deeper. Tomasz was able to help me do exactly that. He helped answer a lot of questions for me and provided interesting new applications and contexts (like his way of using Open Focus to fall asleep).

    Eventually, he helped me realize that I didn’t need to do formal OF practices and that I was at a level where I could just naturally integrate OF states throughout my day directly, since I was already familiar with what it felt like. This was a gamechanger for me and now Open Focus is naturally interweaved throughout my day, spontaneously helping me decompress after doing any stressful or Narrow Focus activities. It’s even been very helpful in allowing my body to unwind and release somatic tension and trauma anytime it begins to build up.

    I wouldn’t have been able to get to this place without Tomasz’ help and guidance. If you want to take your Open Focus practice further, I highly recommend working with him!

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