How to enhance your Mindfulness training

How to enhance your Mindfulness training



This webinar will help every Mindfulness practitioner to enhance her/his practice by applying Open Focus attention.

I can teach you
•  how to be effortlessly aware of what is happening in the Now
•  how to observe your thoughts passing by like clouds on the sky
•  how to observe habitual patterns in your thinking and feeling and how to let them go
•  how to create more peace in your everyday life

Mindfulness teaches us to pay attention to our experience so we can interrupt our habitual patterns that may not be helpful for us. Open Focus suggest not only to pay attention, but to become aware how we pay attention. It is because Open Focus brings the idea of four attention styles and introduces the concept of attention flexibility. You can read a full article here.

The webinar is interactive.
It lasts one hour (but usually slightly longer).
Only 5 attenders are accepted to maintain quality of teaching.
Webinars are held on Zoom platform.

This webinar has been recorded. You can watch it in The Membership Zone.

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