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Sunday, 24th November 2019, 10.30am-1.30pm

Rosie Q’s, 255 Coombe Ln, Wimbledon, London, SW20 0RH

Open Focus is a scientifically developed system for normalising the mind and the body function. Open Focus Attention training is based on mind exercises which sound gentle and soft like guided meditation but they are backed up by EEG neuro-feedback research conducted by Dr Lester Fehmi, neuroscientist and psychologist from Princeton, US.

Open Focus Attention creates healthy space in the mind which allows you to relax and always see the big picture. It also helps the body to restore a natural rhythm. Practicing Open Focus attention empowers you to develop skills like controlling physical pain, stopping panic attacks, reducing anxiety and enhancing a performance. You can have a good, long sleep every night, instant sense of calm whenever you want, and become a lot more creative. All these can become just another learned skill like swimming or writing.

Mindfulness teaches us to pay attention to our experience so that we can interrupt habitual patterns that may not be helpful for us. Open Focus suggest not just to pay attention, but to become aware how we pay attention. Open Focus can enhance Mindfulness by bringing the idea of attention styles, showing benefits of paying attention in the diffused style and introducing the concept of attention flexibility. Please, see a full article on this topic here.

According to the four styles attention theory, pain triggers the narrow/objective attention style. The pain triggered style of attention is narrow because the pain constantly redirects the attention towards itself – ‘I cannot stop feeling this pain’. It is also objective because the pain creates an impression that the painful part of the body is separated from self (I, ego) – ‘I have this pain and I want to get rid of it‘.

In order to dissolve the pain, the attention should be shifted from the narrow/objective style to more diffused (‘become aware of the wide array of sensations including the pain‘) and more immersed (‘connect with the pain’).

This shift of attention generates strong, synchronous waves in alpha frequency in the brain areas processing the pain. Synchronised alpha brain waves can ‘slow down’ or stop brain signals responsible for pain. In scientific language this this represents a ‘top-down’ control inhibitory process. Please, see full article on the topic here.

Open Focus attention quiets your mind so you can be aware of every tens muscle in your body. After short while it becomes very clear which part of your body is affected by worrying thinking. Some people suffer from a lump in the throat, a knot in the stomach or they make their chest very tight.

After applying Open Focus Attention you will be able to think about something which used to make you feel worried without experiencing a body sensation related to it. You will remember everything what happened but there will be no body sensation telling you that something is wrong. Please, see full article here.

Creativity happens when we invent something new by connecting elements of reality together in one piece. These elements could be shapes, colours, notes, thoughts, words, ideas, needs, feelings, beliefs, etc.

When your attention is diffused you become simultaneously aware of everything that you hear, touch smell, taste, think and feel, together with accessing your memory and experience. When your attention is diffused long enough the new connections happen on their own and you witness new ideas unfolding in your mind. The diffused attention style also helps to immerse with your creation and get into a Zone.

A process of generating new ideas is described in this article.

What others say

I really enjoyed this workshop and it went beyond my expectations. The teaching is excellent and held my attention with ease. Tomasz Kopec presents the material very clearly and with focused relevance. The exercises begin very simply and I found them all good and easy to engage with. This is a practical workshop that has many applications. I came away energized and relaxed. The setting is also very pleasant and the small group has a good interactive feel about it. The 3 hours went really fast. Highly recommended!

Connie Fautley

The presentation is engaging, interesting and informative and the exercises were easy to do and actually achieved a reduction in the unwanted emotion ( which I have been able to continue since the course). I am interested to learn more about this subject and technique. It would be amazing if we all learnt this at school or college, I think the world would be a calmer better place. Thanks Tomasz , much appreciated.


An incredibly enjoyable and valuable workshop. Tomasz’s wonderful, calm and reassuring manner and the clarity of his explanations made the whole experience very positive and uplifting.
A huge thank you Tomasz, for promoting and teaching the undoubted huge benefits of open focus attention training and for making it so clear and accessible to me.


I joined Dr Tomasz Kopec’s session, as I was intrigued by the idea of Open Focus. I was looking for something that would help me with my anxiety. I did try meditation in the past, however I was simply blown away by the effectiveness of the Open Focus. The actual exercise lasted less than 10 minutes and it left me speechless. It was very well explained and lead by Tomasz and I could not believe how quickly my tension was dissolved.
I just think that everybody should try this. It was like discovering the whole new dimension, but with such an ease… Hats off Tomasz and huge thank you for helping me to understand this!

Maciej Korotki

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Ongoing Support

You will be entitled to request an advice and support for four weeks after the workshop.

Free Membership

Access to a member area on the Open Focus Attention Training website (includes a theory, three powerful meditation exercises and three weeks program for beginners, usuall cost £20).


Money back guarantee

If you do not experience a significant improvement in a chosen unwanted feeling at the end of the workshop, you will get your money back.

Future discounts

10 percent discount for future Open Focus Attention workshops.

Quality teaching

Only 5 attenders will be allowed to ensure you will be well looked after (booking on a first come, first served basis)

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I enjoy helping people and making the Universe a happier place. Fortunately, I work as a doctor and being helpful is an integral part my job. I have been teaching Open Focus Attention for 10 years. I love it because it makes my mind calm and my body relaxed in a very short time. It also helps dissolving pain, reducing anxiety, improving creativity and more. I believe, a healthy lifestyle includes a regular physical activity, a good diet and practicing Open Focus Attention.

Dr Tomasz Kopec