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Dissolving unwanted feelings in Open Focus Attention
How to stop anxiety, worry, sadness, guilt, anger and more

This Open Focus Attention workshop is designed to help you clear yourself of unwanted feelings. Most of us carry unhelpful emotions which keep coming back when we try to rest, to enjoy, to perform or to have a good time with our family and friends. These have different names such as anxiety, guilt, sadness, anger, and regret but they all have something in common. They always cause a tension and dis-ease somewhere in the body. That tension has different names and can be called as a knot in the stomach, a lump in the throat, a band around the head or tightness in the chest. It is caused by involuntary muscles contraction triggered by stimulation of our flight and fight response system.

With Open Focus Attention you can dissolve that tension, regardless of what the problem is about. It means that you will not have to share your problems with anyone during the workshop and the method will still work! Once the tension related to an unwanted feeling dissolves, you will be able to think about something which used to bother you without feeling bothered. It will help you to find new ways of dealing with a problem and to move forward in your life.

During the sessions, you will be led through a series of very powerful meditation exercises which will calm your mind and ease your body. At the end, you will feel less troubled by chosen problems and, most importantly, you will feel prepared to apply the method on your own whenever the need arises.


Saturday, 9th March 2019, 1-4pm

Saturday, 13th April 2019, 1-4pm

Rosie Q’s, 255 Coombe Ln, Wimbledon, London, SW20 0RH

Please, read FAQs below

Open Focus is a scientifically developed system for normalising the mind and the body function. Open Focus Attention training is based on mind exercises which sound gentle and soft like guided meditation but they are backed up by EEG neuro-feedback research conducted by Dr Lester Fehmi, neuroscientist and psychologist from Princeton, US.

It disconnects a worrying thought from the cramping feeling in your body attached to it. You will be able to think about something which used to make you feel worried without actually feeling worried.

It will give you a chance to rest as there will not be a body sensation to remind you that something is wrong.

It dissolves body sensations and not thoughts, which means that regardless of what the problem is about, it still works. In other words, the same approach can be used in all life situations and the story is not important here.

Yes, if your present life is affected by a traumatic event from the past, like a car accident, and you still feel upset about it, you can dissolve this feeling by using the exercise. You will still remember everything that happened but it will not make you feel upset any more.

The worst thing about panic attacks is feeling anxious about another attack. You can dissolve this anxiety and the chance of another panic attack will be significantly reduced.

Yes, when you feel anxious about something which is going to happen, like a coming exam or important presentation, you can dissolve the body sensation which is triggered by that feeling. You will find yourself a lot more confident and ready to perform.

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What others say

This exercise is well worth persisting with even if initially you wonder where it is going or how it’ll help, and even though it may seem repetitive. I found it deeply relaxing and a sense of ‘oneness’ that is difficult to explain. My “negative thought” quite suddenly became positive about 3/4 of the way through. I even found the “negative anxious thought” irrelevant! I was left with a feeling of able to ‘just be’ and forget about the negative.
Connie Fautley

This is a fantastic exercise that always brings me a sense of relaxation and relief. Useful for dealing with sudden upsets, it also brings a release of the energies involved in long term emotional burdens. The musical dimension adds much pleasure to the experience and takes Tomasz’s Open Focus exercises to a dynamic new level.

Harriet Scott

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Ongoing Support

You will be entitled to request an advice and support in resolving your unwanted feelings with Open Focus Attention for four weeks after the workshop.

Free Membership

Access to a member area on the Open Focus Attention Training website (includes a theory, three powerful meditation exercises and three weeks program for beginners)

Money back guarantee

If you do not experience a significant improvement in a chosen unwanted feeling at the end of the workshop, you will get your money back.

Future discounts

10 percent discount for future Open Focus Attention workshops like ‘The quietest mind’, ‘Dissolving physical pain’, ‘Creativity and Problem solving, “Enhancing performance’, ‘Advanced body reading’, ‘Controlling addictions and bad habits’, ‘Self inquiry masters’ and more

Quality teaching

Only 5 attenders will be allowed to ensure you will be well looked after (booking on a first come, first served basis)

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I enjoy helping people and making the Universe a happier place. Fortunately, I work as a doctor and being helpful is one of the most important parts of my job description. I have been certified as an Open Focus Attention trainer by an author of the method Dr Lester Fehmi during a workshop in Princeton 8 years ago. I love Open Focus meditation because it changes the mind state in minutes making it calm, relaxed and quiet. It helps dissolving pain, reducing anxiety, improving creativity and more. The four attention styles theory is surprisingly accurate in explaining human behaviours and connects Open Focus with the Far East traditions. The scientific part of Open Focus, a neuro-feedback research, gives Open Focus Attention trainees an unique oportunity to ensure a high quality practice. I believe, a healthy lifestyle includes a regular physical activity, a good diet and practicing Open Focus Attention.