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What is creativity and how you can effortlessly create terrific ideas ?

I am sure everyone has had an 'aha' moment. It is when something becomes obvious and we know this is the best way forward or the best solution to a problem. These moments often happen suddenly when we do not [...]

How to solve a problem in Open Focus

In the picture above, you can see a boy pulling a container filled with water. There are many people in Africa who are forced to walk many hours to collect water. They usually carry randomly shaped containers on their shoulders. […]

Attention styles and personality traits

I am aware the four attention styles theory is not easy to comprehend. That is why I keep trying to make it more approachable for a lay reader. For example, in my book ‘The Magic Terrace’ I have extended Dr […]

Flexible attention and non verbal communication

I would like to present you a very practical skill which can make your work  – and private life – a bit more exciting. It is fairly easy to learn and it is based on a flexible attention. It should […]