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What is true love and how to let it happen to you ?

Do you know you are equipped with a sense which helps you to create more harmony, peace and love in your life. A sense which underlies all other senses and gives you the ability to choose happiness. You are relying [...]

Learn how to diffuse your attention and live happier, healthier life.

Paying attention makes you more productive and efficient, I'm sure most people would agree with this statement. But can it also cause harm? And if so, what would be the remedy for it? Can you remember your parents and teachers [...]

Attention styles and personality traits

I am aware the four attention styles theory is not easy to comprehend. That is why I keep trying to make it more approachable for a lay reader. For example, in my book ‘The Magic Terrace’ I have extended Dr […]

The science behind dissolving pain in Open Focus

Many people like Open Focus because it is based on scientific research. I remember, it was also important for me when I first came across Dr Fehmi's book. There was no story attached to four attention styles theory. It did not [...]

Flexible attention and non verbal communication

I would like to present you a very practical skill which can make your work  – and private life – a bit more exciting. It is fairly easy to learn and it is based on a flexible attention. It should […]

This is how we generate problems, loneliness and pain

We can be aware of problems, pain and loneliness only when we are in the narrow/objective attention style. Unfortunately the Western world is based on it. We have learned to favor this style and it feels natural to attend in […]

Flexible attention – how the West can meet the East – (in your brain)

The narrow/objective world . The western culture is based on the narrow/objective attention style. [Just to remind you – when our attention is narrow we are specific and we divide reality into smaller pieces (objects) which can be fully attended […]

What is True Freedom and how can you really be free ?

Everything is separated and connected at the same time. The reality we live in is simultaneously divided, broken into small pieces and completely unified. It depends on you – how you see the World and live your life. To be more […]

The Book – Introduction

This is an introduction to my book about the four attention styles theory and attention flexibility. Its title is The Magic Terrace. This book has not been published yet but it is almost finished (there are still many language and […]