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Mindfulness and Open Focus – two approaches to attention training

Many people are interested in how Open Focus relates to Mindfulness. They feel these systems should somehow overlap since they both promote attention training to achieve similar goals – improving health and general well-being. I had a short encounter with […]

THREE science based reasons why a good sleep matters and ONE very good method to help you fall asleep every night.

There are many science based reasons why you should make sure you sleep well. I have chosen three recent research reports for you.   Struggles with sleep may affect the risk of heart disease. Doctor Chan-Won Kim, M.D, associate professor in [...]

This is why a healthy lifestyle should include time for balancing attention.

I guess you know, a good diet, regular exercise and a good sleep every night can keep you reasonably healthy. However, not many people are aware of another important element of a healthy lifestyle which is balanced  attention.  In this […]

Space Identity

I used to say – ‘Empty space is present between solid objects and permeates them. It does not stop where a physical object starts, it goes thought it. Space is borderless, timeless, featureless and unifies the whole reality. It is […]

What is creativity and how you can effortlessly create terrific ideas ?

I am sure everyone has had an 'aha' moment. It is when something becomes obvious and we know this is the best way forward or the best solution to a problem. These moments often happen suddenly when we do not [...]

What is true love and how to let it happen to you ?

Do you know you are equipped with a sense which helps you to create more harmony, peace and love in your life. A sense which underlies all other senses and gives you the ability to choose happiness. You are relying [...]

Does the story about Adam and Eve tell us something about attention styles?

You think abstractly when you conceptualise or imagine something which is not in front of your face here and now. Say, when you think – It would be really nice if these children stopped throwing their food into my bag […]

Watching thoughts like passing clouds – diffused attention in meditation practice

I have many years of experience with meditation. I went through a fairly typical path, I think. First, sitting on a soft pillow in my student room trying to follow my breathing, reading books and striving for intellectual understanding of […]

Sound healing. The power of sound.

This is a guest post written by my friend Peter Paul Parker. Peter is a musician and a sound healer. He knows a lot about music and how sound can influence our body. Peter has composed the music to the [...]

Learn how to diffuse your attention and live happier, healthier life.

Paying attention makes you more productive and efficient, I'm sure most people would agree with this statement. But can it also cause harm? And if so, what would be the remedy for it? Can you remember your parents and teachers [...]

How to stay calm when you are about to explode

This is another post which, I hope, will help you to understand the potential hidden in the four attention styles theory and Open Focus practice. Please, read a following story and notice attention style changes on the attention graph. . […]

How do you know a book is good or who your best friend is?

Some time ago I found that I could explain many common behaviours by matching them with attention styles. I would like to tell you about it in this post. You can read a short summary about the objective and the [...]

How to solve a problem in Open Focus

In the picture above, you can see a boy pulling a container filled with water. There are many people in Africa who are forced to walk many hours to collect water. They usually carry randomly shaped containers on their shoulders. […]

What happens when people change

In one of my previous posts I presented an idea that attention style combinations can be linked to personalities (see here). As you know, people can change. Soon you will learn that what really changes is their preferred attentional style/s. […]


When I am driving, walking, waiting or doing things which do not require my full attention I start to daydream. I live through past events or I imagine the future. This can trigger various emotions and I can totally lose […]

The Magic Terrace story – part two

This is the second part of The Magic Terrace story. Please, read  about attention styles and personality traits and the first part of the story before reading this post. x After another hour Narr and Ob became very obsessed with […]

The Magic Terrace story – part one

This is a story about four neighbors. Their personalities are linked to attention styles as defined in the four attention theory. Please, see this post before reading it. You will enjoy – I hope – the story a lot more. […]

Attention styles and personality traits

I am aware the four attention styles theory is not easy to comprehend. That is why I keep trying to make it more approachable for a lay reader. For example, in my book ‘The Magic Terrace’ I have extended Dr […]

The science behind dissolving pain in Open Focus

Many people like Open Focus because it is based on scientific research. I remember, it was also important for me when I first came across Dr Fehmi's book. There was no story attached to four attention styles theory. It did not [...]

Flexible attention and non verbal communication

I would like to present you a very practical skill which can make your work  – and private life – a bit more exciting. It is fairly easy to learn and it is based on a flexible attention. It should […]

Flexible attention in One Picture

  . * because one is an object too ** the whole brain synchrony in alpha frequency

This is how we generate problems, loneliness and pain

We can be aware of problems, pain and loneliness only when we are in the narrow/objective attention style. Unfortunately the Western world is based on it. We have learned to favor this style and it feels natural to attend in […]

Flexible attention – how the West can meet the East – (in your brain)

The narrow/objective world . The western culture is based on the narrow/objective attention style. [Just to remind you – when our attention is narrow we are specific and we divide reality into smaller pieces (objects) which can be fully attended […]

Attention styles evolution

The diffuse/immersed attention style . Unborn babies are fully immersed with their mums while living inside their bumps. They are perfectly connected and it is hard to say whether they are two or one. For a long time little babies […]

What is True Freedom and how can you really be free ?

Everything is separated and connected at the same time. The reality we live in is simultaneously divided, broken into small pieces and completely unified. It depends on you – how you see the World and live your life. To be more […]

Jill Bolte Taylor’s testimonial

Once you have read about attention styles and attention flexibility from here I would suggest you watching Jill Bolte Taylor's talk again (I assume most of you have seen it already). Listen what she is saying in the end of [...]

The Book – Introduction

This is an introduction to my book about the four attention styles theory and attention flexibility. Its title is The Magic Terrace. This book has not been published yet but it is almost finished (there are still many language and […]

Happy partnership and attention styles

Happy long term marriages successfully share their personalities based on opposite attention styles. Just think for a moment about happy couples that you know or maybe you are one of them) and think about whether this is true. One partner […]

Open Focus and nonduality

I have recently learned about nonduality which is a translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Advaita’, which means ‘not two’. It points to the essential oneness (wholeness, completeness, unity) of life. Oneness which exists here and now, prior to any apparent separation. In […]

Space awareness on movement

This is a non-standard Open Focus exercise that I like to practice. As you know, space awareness is the heart of Open Focus practice. It is the quickest way to generate alpha synchrony in the brain. It was easy for me to […]