It is a hot, sunny morning in a faraway location, holiday time.

You’ve rented a car and started driving.

A curly road through the mountains. It’s beautiful everywhere. Sharp edges, valleys, small lakes, trees hanging from the slopes and rocks.

The road is very narrow but busy with cars and bicycles riding on the cliff’s edge and clipping your mirrors.

These bikers must be on a suicide mission, you think.

You’re driving very focused on not killing anyone and staying alive. Behind another bend, you see the sign for a viewpoint.

You want to stop for a break and some rest.

You get out of the car.

There is a big panoramic view in front of you.

You sit on a bench and look with awe: clear air, blue sky, a few clouds, rays of the Sun cutting the shadows.

You suddenly feel calm and peaceful.

It is so beautiful, you say, and this is how you feel.

You want to stay here forever, with a silence in your head.

Stillness. No past, no future, just now. Just enjoying.

Yes, this is what you will remember.

This experience

So… nice.


Driving back, you feel relaxed.

The road is the same, but you’re not in a rush anymore

Whatever happens next will be fine.

Just fine.

Same evening, you think. What happened there? Why did I feel that way?


You admired the view in front of you, but have you noticed the empty space?

It was there, but I’m pretty sure you missed it.

You can say – there was nothing in the space. So, why bother?

However, one of Dr Fehmi’s findings during his neuro-feedback research was that attending to space makes a specific change in the brain.

The brain slows down and becomes synchronous.

So, what you really felt was a real-time change in your brain’s electric processing triggered by the vast space in front of you.


And now, fun fact.

The empty space is next to you right now when you read these words.

It is around you.

You want to feel it? Try this.

Become aware of the space between you and the screen you are reading from now.

Become aware of space, and keep reading.

You can do it. I am sure you can.

There is space between you and the screen. Become aware of it.

Don’t stop reading and become aware of space on both sides of this screen at the same time.

Keep reading and stay aware of the space.

Have you noticed your shoulders dropping down?


This small adjustment in the way how you attend the world can bring a profound change to your mind and your body for the better, naturally.

It can bring calm to your mind.

It can balance your physiology and your personality.

Making you a peaceful and loving human being.

Just stay aware of space.