It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon

Easter time

You’re walking your dog in a neighbourhood park

The trees are still leafless, but the grass seems greener than it was a few days ago

There are people and dogs around

Walking, running, playing, barking


Your dog is a black labradoodle

She is very friendly, and she greets all the people and dogs she meets on the way


You like this time when you don’t need to do anything

You sit on the bench

You resist pulling out your phone and checking your updates

You’ve promised yourself to limit your screen time

Your dog starts quietly sniffing the grass around


You look at the large area covered with grass surrounded by trees in front of you

You resist the urge to pull out your phone again

You hesitate about what to do now

Then you remember the emails about space you’ve been receiving over the last few weeks

You’ve been thinking about it, and you have an idea of how to do it


You decide to try it now

You fix your gaze on the distant tree, and you gently become aware of the peripheries of your visual field

You see everything in front of you at the same time

Almost immediately, you notice a silence in your mind

It is a nice feeling

You enjoy it for a moment

Then you hear barking in close distance

You look at your dog to check her reaction

The silence in your mind is gone


You get up from the bench and start walking again

Your dog follows you

You think of how it would be if you were to become aware of space while walking

You fix your gaze on the path 2-3 meters in front of you and become aware of trees on both sides of the path at the same time

You walk slowly

After a short time, you notice a silence in your mind again

The sounds from the park become very clear

Not dimmed by inner head chatter

You feel so present, enjoying the Now


You think it is quite extraordinary

You’ve just discovered for yourself that you can be aware of space by seeing the peripheries of your visual field, and you can do it even while walking


You feel encouraged to try something else

You remember that the last email was about easing unpleasant feelings

What if you tried to ease the anxiety you’ve been feeling lately

It is about your first business trip

It has become an issue since you found that you can’t postpone it any longer


You think about the trip, and immediately, you feel the cramp in your upper stomach

You know this cramp, it feels very familiar, it is always there when you feel anxious


So you feel the cramp

You fix your gaze on the path

and you start noticing trees on both sides of the path at the same time


You walk slowly

You are aware of the cramp, the path and the trees at the same time


the cramp, the path, the trees


the cramp, the path, the trees

the cramp, the path, the trees


Then your dog starts barking

You look around, and you see your friend from the park with her dog

Your dogs start playing together, and you start talking


A few hours later, when you get back home, you recall the experiments from the park

You smile to yourself

You need to do more of it


Then you remember working on anxiety, causing the cramp in your stomach

You think about the trip and …

You realise that you can’t feel any cramp

It is gone

You can hardly believe it

You have been struggling with this anxiety for so many weeks, but the idea of the trip seems completely neutral now.


Wow, this is a different level, you think

You must look deeper into it

You could enjoy your life so much more without these horrible feelings you sometimes struggle with


If you only had a bit more time, you think

And then you smile again

You don’t need any extra time because you walk your dog every day


You actually have an ocean of time to experiment with space

You just need to find out more about the techniques you can use


Just stay aware of space