A man and a woman at a small booth near the beach

‘Which one did you buy?’ – she asked

‘The little one. I’m not very good with kites ‘- he smiled

They are already soaked in the holiday atmosphere

Bare feet and barely covered, tanned skin

Dark sunglasses, wet hair under straw hats

It is a warm evening at the seaside

The Sun is slowly hiding behind a hill

People are relaxing on the beach, slowly getting hungry

The light breeze is turning into wind

Children are playing in the sand

‘Let’s try it. Do you want to fly it first?’ – she offers

They distance themselves

She throws the kite, he pulls the strings

Then he starts running

The kite shines in the Sun, fluttering

‘Can I try?’ – she shouts, holding her hat

They swap

He throws, she pulls and runs

The kite flies high

She stops and looks in awe

He stops too

The kite, the beach, the Sun

They can’t believe how happy they are

They want it to last forever

Then she starts running again

After a few steps, she stumbles and falls

She drops the strings and can’t catch them again

She looks upset, lying on the sand

He runs to her and lies close, gently touching her hand

They look at the kite flying away

‘It just a kite’ – he says

But they feel different now

Like they lost something important

There is also a cramp within them which wants to stay

They lie together on the sand in silence

Looking at the kite flying over the ocean

They see the kite, the ocean below and the sky behind it

All at once

They see the whole view in front of them simultaneously

With the kite in the middle and the vast space around it

At the same time

They watch it slowly fading away towards the horizon


And then it happens

The feeling and the cramp within them gradually dissolves

Getting smaller and smaller
Like the kite pushed away by the wind

Blending with the background

Slowly disappearing

Like it was never there

Everything is becoming soft, gentle

Light and complete

It feels like magic

They lie together for some time

With their eyes half closed

Almost falling asleep

Then they get up, kiss and start walking along the beach

The kite is only a memory, not bringing any feelings

A beautiful memory, free and harmless

Easy to recall and easy to let go

The Sun is almost gone now

It is time to eat


You may ask, ‘What happened there?’
‘Why did they stop feeling down after losing the kite?’
‘How did the cramp inside them disappear?’

Firstly its good to realise that unpleasant feelings often trigger a crampy sensation within the body. It can be in the head or neck, in the stomach, the chest or pelvis. It may be disturbing or even painful.

One of Dr Fehmi’s discoveries was that unpleasant feelings (together with crampy sensation inside the body), correlate with asynchronous brain waves.
When the cramp is paid attention to together with the space around it, the brain waves become synchronous again, and the cramp dissolves alongside the feeling, like it was never there.


The good news is that you don’t have to drive to the beach and look at the space every time you want to stop unpleasant feelings.

Not at all

There is an easier way, a lot easier

You can use the space which is around you

You can try it now

Think about a feeling you don’t like

Today is Sunday, so what about thinking about going to work tomorrow

Triggering so-called ‘Sunday evening blues’

Can you feel it now?

Feel it for a moment

Notice what you see or hear in your mind

Notice if you feel a cramp somewhere in your body

It usually feels like a solid, unpleasant tension

Give yourself a few seconds to locate it and feel it well


Now, become aware of the space on the left side of you

There is some space

Become aware of it now

Now, stay aware of that space and the cramp at the same time

Close your eyes and do it now

Now, become aware of the space on the right side of you

And stay aware of that space and the cramp at the same time

Close your eyes and do it now

Now, become aware of space on both sides of you at the same time

It is the same space around you

Stay aware of that space and the cramp at the same time

Close your eyes and do it now

So you’re aware of the cramp and space around you

You keep feeling the cramp together with space on both sides of it

Please close your eyes and give it a few minutes

Just stay aware of space