Sense of time depends on an attention style.

In the narrow objective style, time is an object. We can make time or lose it. There are objects called the past and the future, with their different qualities. We say thet time is a trick of the mind, as the past and the future is only an abstraction produced by living in the narrow objective attention style mindset.

In the narrow immersed style the sense of time is distorted and we are not aware of passing time. The distortion of the sense of time is directly linked with losing the sense of separated self. The more connected I am the more time awareness is diminished.

In the diffuse objective style there is only presence. Just become aware of both hands at the same time and feel it.

In the diffuse immersed style time disappears and there becomes no such thing as time (the past, the future or the present). There are no words to describe it. There is no logical understanding of time in the diffuse immersed attention style. There is nothing to say.