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This is why a healthy lifestyle should include time for balancing attention.

I guess you know, a good diet, regular exercise and a good sleep every night can keep you reasonably healthy. However, not many people are aware of another important element of a healthy lifestyle which is balanced  attention.  In this […]

The Magic Terrace story – part two

This is the second part of The Magic Terrace story. Please, read  about attention styles and personality traits and the first part of the story before reading this post. x After another hour Narr and Ob became very obsessed with […]

The Magic Terrace story – part one

This is a story about four neighbors. Their personalities are linked to attention styles as defined in the four attention theory. Please, see this post before reading it. You will enjoy – I hope – the story a lot more. […]

Attention styles and personality traits

I am aware the four attention styles theory is not easy to comprehend. That is why I keep trying to make it more approachable for a lay reader. For example, in my book ‘The Magic Terrace’ I have extended Dr […]

The Book – Introduction

This is an introduction to my book about the four attention styles theory and attention flexibility. Its title is The Magic Terrace. This book has not been published yet but it is almost finished (there are still many language and […]