Ifyou sometimes lie in bed ready to sleep but your mind is buzzing with thoughts and you cannot slow it down this exercise is for you.

If you wake up too early and you struggle to fall asleep again, make sure you will try this exercise, at least once. There are many people who wake up a few hours before their alarm clock rings. It usually happens to those who suffer from stress or anxiety. They are fine during the day but at night – when there is nothing to distract – their overactive minds become very disturbing. Sometimes they struggle night after night becoming chronically tired and unhappy. If you are such a person I hope this exercise will re-introduce you to a long and refreshing sleep.

During the exercise I will suggest you working on the body sensation – a feeling – related to a worrying or stressful thought. I found that once this feeling is not addressed and you accidentally flash it in your head just before falling asleep it can make your mind spinning again in seconds. If there is nothing specific which keeps you awake just choose as – a feeling – an area of your body you can feel the best. You can also choose a part of your body which is in pain (this exercise helped me to dissolve a pain in my shoulder which I injured last weekend, I waked up with no pain at all, it can be considered as an added value, I think.

Try Insomnia Cure exercise

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  1. Hello-
    How does this work? Do you have downloads? Or are you sending cd’s? How much does this cost in U.S. Dollars?
    How can I call you?

    Thank you.
    Kyle Krogh

  2. Hi Kyle,

    I am sorry but somehow I overlooked your comment.
    You can find exercises to download on this website.
    My Skype name is kwadicom.


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