Open Focus Attention Workshops at The Shed

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Dissolving unwanted feelings with Open Focus Attention.
How to stop anxiety, worry, shame, regret, guilt and more.

Open Focus Attention Workshop at The Shed

The dissolving unwanted feelings workshop lasts 2.5 hours. and unwanted emotions training starts from explaining the theory (15-20 minutes), then I lead through a series of mind exercises starting from easy ones and then gradually advancing to a bit more complicated mixed with some Open Focus theory. I always try helping people to personalise OF exercises and utilise something they already know (usually my attenders have already some experience with meditation or mind exercising).

The outlne of theory how anxiety is generated and becomes chronic you can read from this blog post link.

You can try a short version of dissolving anxiety exercise from here link.

  • Maximum 5 attenders to ensure everyone is well looked after.
  • Handouts with theory outline and instructions how to continue with the method.
  • Money back guarantee. If you do not experience a significant improvement in a chosen unwanted feeling at the end of the workshop, you will get your money back.
  • Access to member area on the Open Focus Attention Training website (includes a theory, 10 powerful mind exercises and two weeks program). On your with your wish, your progress can be monitored and you will get £20 back if you successfully finish four weeks.
  • 5 percent reduction in price for future Open Focus Attention trainings like ‘Super quiet mind in minutes’, ‘Dissolving a physical pain’, ‘Problem solving and Improving creativity’, “Reiki Crash Course’, ‘Distance healing’, ‘Addictions control’, ‘Public speaking’.
This short anti- anxiety exercise is a terrific introduction to the longer form. I find the exercises instantly reduce and eliminate anxiety. What is more, I find that I can substitute words such as “anger, frustration, fear, shame even pain) in place of “anxiety” and thereby dissolve any unpleasant emotion. This exercise can be used when your time is limited but do take advantage of the longer form and practice it several times a day for more lasting relief.
I love Dr. Kopec’s exercises and look forward to purchasing others when they become available.


I tried this just now and can see the potential benefits from getting into the habit of repeating it. I carry a lot of anxiety in my shoulders and my bowels. It would be so nice to to get it under control and into perspective. Thank you Dr Kopec for offering your knowledge and insight in this regard.


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