I have always sensed a great need for a non pharmacological approach to a physical pain from my patients. There are many people who struggle with a chronic pain and are fed up with taking pills. Some time ago I started offering them a dissolving pain in Open Focus exercise as an addition to already existing pain therapy or a stand alone technique.

The very first patient who had tried it in my room had a problem with his knee. He was waiting for an orthopedic review and was desperate for help. He was already on maximum doses of pain killers and I had nothing else to offer him. It was the first time when I decided to try this new (at that time) approach to pain. This is his testimonial.

“I am a non – professional runner, who runs for fitness and relaxation. Five months ago I developed a painful injury to my left knee, I had physiotherapy through my work and regularly took painkillers.
safdasfdsaRecently this injury became far more painful, and for about four weeks the pain was constant and unbearable, I had an MRI which showed a complex medial tear and I was waiting to see the surgeons at the local hospital, I was taking all sorts of medicines, both in tablet form and topical gels.
The pain was still increasing and I found I could no longer walk to work or even help my wife with our children, a six year old girl and a baby boy of 10 months. I was taking sick time from work and unable to sleep at night due to the pain.
I booked a ‘same day’ doctors appointment after a particularly bad night and saw Dr Kopec, I explained to him about my symptoms and that I did not want to keep taking so many medicines. Dr Kopec explained to me that he was trying a new way of dealing with pain, aimed at this type of sports injury.
I was so desperate, I would have tried anything!!
I came back to the medical centre that evening, and I have to point out that I was feeling very sceptical about the whole process, not being a huge believer in alternate therapy’s! but Dr Kopec put me at ease and started the procedure, which only took a few minutes.
The feeling afterwards was absolutely amazing! I felt no pain for the first time in months! I just could not believe it, pain free in just a few minutes! even reflecting on it and writing this, I still cant believe what a simple procedure it seemed to be, and yet the result was astounding to me! I remember being able to walk home comfortably, in absolute joy!
Dr Kopec did warn me that the injury would not heal, it was only masking the pain, so I followed his instructions until I had my knee surgery to fix the tear.
I would certainly recommend Dr Kopec and this procedure to anyone that was suffering from constant pain, the pain becomes so debilitating to everyday life, that this procedure is nothing short of amazing!”

Paul Forsyth

Many of my patients have already participated in the exercise with steady, good results. Pain is usually significantly reduced after the first try, and for some patients the pain dissolves completely. Most of the patients achieve significant pain reduction after 4-5 days of regular exercising. I can reduce my physical pain with ease.

Watch this video to understand HOW it works

This techinque can by used in many everyday situations like walking into a swimming pool with cold water, it helps in reducing painful tingling in legs after sitting with crossed legs or when you try to remove an Elastoplast from a hairy area of the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

For what type of pain does this exercise work?

You can dissolve any physical pain like headache, period pain, toothache, joint pain, muscle pain, backache, shoulder pain, stomach ache, earache, sinus pain, pain after injury, pain after a burn, fibromyalgia, CRPS. It works for long lasting, chronic pain as well as for acute pain. You can use this exercise to relax muscles in your shoulders or neck after all day at work.

Do I have to think positively before this exercise?

Positive thinking is always recommended. However, you do not have to set your mind in any way before doing this exercise. This exercise is based on science (brain waves research). It works regardless of your mood or personal belief.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does. Please, read reviews.

Is it really based on science?

Yes, its mechanism can be explaned by current neuroscientific research. You can read this post.

How long does the effect last?

It may be enough to do the exercise once to achieve satisfactory improvement. If you find that the pain has improved but is not completely gone, you can do the exercise twice daily for a few days. The full improvement can usually be achieved after 5-7 days of regular practice.

Does it work on colicky pain?

The important thing is to feel the pain during the exercise. When the pain is intermittent (on/off type of pain) you can memorise the pain (e.g. where it is, how big it is, where its borders are) and work on this area of your body during the exercise. It might be a bit more difficult, but it is possible and can give very good results.

How often can I repeat this exercise?

As often as you like. It will work each time you do it. If the pain returns just repeat the exercise.
If you have suffered for a long time and your mobility has been impaired (e.g. long term shoulder or lower back sufferers) you may get new pains after the exercise because you start using your body in a new, healthier way. If this happens, just do the exercise for these new pains to dissolve them too.

Do I have to know Open Focus theory before trying this exercise?

No, even if you know nothing about Open Focus the exercise can still work.

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