Life integration


Open Focus Attention can be practiced in three different ways.

1. You can sit regularly doing formal exercises which sound similar to a guided meditation. You can use any exercise from my website. I suggest sitting 1-2 exercises daily lasting about 15-20 minutes for 2-3 weeks to sense how making attention more flexible may change the way you think, feel and behave.


2. Another way is diffusing attention (opening your focus) during everyday simple activities like walking, eating, washing, etc. I suggest to choose one or two activity at the beginning and give yourself a week or two. The simples way to diffuse your attention is to become aware of sensations coming from your hands.


3. The third way is to use Open Focus Attention as a practical tool to help yourself in various life situation like falling asleep, dissolving unwanted feelings, reducing physical pain, etc.


Regardless, which way you choose your attention become gradually more flexible and Open Focus Attention starts naturally flow into your life making your mind quiet, your body relaxed and your personality more balanced.

The most important pointers are on the slide below.


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