Welcome to The Membership Zone

I have created a membership zone for those who want to deepen their understanding and experience with Open Focus Attention and those who are interested in developing Open Focus skills. I uploaded there a series of my presentations together with practical Open Focus Attention exercises.

The membership zone consists of three parts. The first one explains what Open Focus and the diffused attention style is and contains a mind exercise which will introduce you to diffusing. The second part explains with detail how to use Open Focus Attention as a tool to dissolve unwanted feelings regardless what those feelings are about and what is a story behind them. There is also a practical exercise which will help you to experience that. In the third part I write about compulsive behaviours and how they can be stopped using Open Focus Attention. Again there is an exercise which helps to achieve it. In the membership zone you will also find some extras which include short exercises or my comments on Open Focus Attention.

I am going to gradually develop the membership zone in an useful resource for everyone who would like to develop and benefit from Open Focus Attention skills. There is only one charge for becoming a member and there will be no regular membership fee.

I hope to see you in The Zone.

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