Open Focus and nonduality

I have recently learned about nonduality which is a translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Advaita’, which means ‘not two’. It points to the essential oneness (wholeness, completeness, unity) of life. Oneness which exists here and now, prior to any apparent separation. In […]

Space awareness on movement

This is a non-standard Open Focus exercise that I like to practice. As you know, space awareness is the heart of Open Focus practice. It is the quickest way to generate alpha synchrony in the brain. It was easy for me to […]

Open Focus in symbols

You can find symbols which may represent balancing attention styles in various traditions. I will give you three examples. Please, bear in mind it is my interpretation and feel free to disagree with me. First symbol represents the Holy Trinity […]

A guest post by Betty

The Joy of Diffuse Attention I was out in the garden today weeding, and I found myself immersed in the pleasure of all the different sounds and sensations I was exposed to, all at the same time. It was such […]

Sense of time and attention styles

Sense of time depends on an attention style. In the narrow objective style, time is an object. We can make time or lose it. There are objects called the past and the future, with their different qualities. We say thet time is a […]

Leon and awareness

. There is Leon (a person, an object) and there is awareness (objectless space). . . Leon is an object and as an object has its borders – in time (was born and will die) and in the space (can […]

Science, nonduality and attentional flexibility

Science recognizes objects and describes relations between them. It means that it belongs to the dual reality. My understanding of an object is anything I can focus my attention on. It could be a physical object (a chair, a desk, a […]