This is how we generate problems, loneliness and pain

We can be aware of problems, pain and loneliness only when we are in the narrow/objective attention style. Unfortunately the Western world is based on it. We have learned to favor this style and it feels natural to attend in […]

Flexible attention – how the West can meet the East – (in your brain)

The narrow/objective world . The western culture is based on the narrow/objective attention style. [Just to remind you – when our attention is narrow we are specific and we divide reality into smaller pieces (objects) which can be fully attended […]

Attention styles evolution

The diffuse/immersed attention style . Unborn babies are fully immersed with their mums while living inside their bumps. They are perfectly connected and it is hard to say whether they are two or one. For a long time little babies […]

What is True Freedom and how can you really be free ?

Everything is separated and connected at the same time. The reality we live in is simultaneously divided, broken into small pieces and completely unified. It depends on you – how you see the World and live your life. To be more […]

Jill Bolte Taylor’s testimonial

Once you have read about attention styles and attention flexibility from here I would suggest you watching Jill Bolte Taylor's talk again (I assume most of you have seen it already). Listen what she is saying in the end of [...]

The Book – Introduction

This is an introduction to my book about the four attention styles theory and attention flexibility. Its title is The Magic Terrace. This book has not been published yet but it is almost finished (there are still many language and […]

Happy partnership and attention styles

Happy long term marriages successfully share their personalities based on opposite attention styles. Just think for a moment about happy couples that you know or maybe you are one of them) and think about whether this is true. One partner […]