Watching thoughts like passing clouds – diffused attention in meditation practice

I have many years of experience with meditation. I went through a fairly typical path, I think. First, sitting on a soft pillow in my student room trying to follow my breathing, reading books and striving for intellectual understanding of […]

Sound healing. The power of sound.

This is a guest post written by my friend Peter Paul Parker. Peter is a musician and a sound healer. He knows a lot about music and how sound can influence our body. Peter has composed the music to the [...]

Learn how to diffuse your attention and live happier, healthier life.

Paying attention makes you more productive and efficient, I'm sure most people would agree with this statement. But can it also cause harm? And if so, what would be the remedy for it? Can you remember your parents and teachers [...]

How to stay calm when you are about to explode

This is another post which, I hope, will help you to understand the potential hidden in the four attention styles theory and Open Focus practice. Please, read a following story and notice attention style changes on the attention graph. . […]

How do you know a book is good or who your best friend is?

Some time ago I found that I could explain many common behaviours by matching them with attention styles. I would like to tell you about it in this post. You can read a short summary about the objective and the [...]

How to solve a problem in Open Focus

In the picture above, you can see a boy pulling a container filled with water. There are many people in Africa who are forced to walk many hours to collect water. They usually carry randomly shaped containers on their shoulders. […]

What happens when people change

In one of my previous posts I presented an idea that attention style combinations can be linked to personalities (see here). As you know, people can change. Soon you will learn that what really changes is their preferred attentional style/s. […]