You are space…

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You are space…



Solid objects are mostly empty space and it includes us. The fact is that an impression of solidity is generated by the brain and it is – in a way – illusion.

How we perceive reality depends on our attention style.

When our attention style is narrow we notice solid objects separated by space. When our attention is diffused objects and space become one and we lose the sense of separation. According to Dr Fehmi when this happens our brain generates synchronous waves in alpha frequency.

This exercise will help you to diffuse and immerse your attention and to get the new insight into reality as it is. You will become one with the whole Universe so be ready for a good ride :)

You can watch this clip to learn more.

You need 15 uninterrupted minutes in a quiet environment. The best position is sitting on a chair with hands on your knees.

This is the fourth exercise from a series of four that I prepared with my friends Jan and Peter. Jan is a Reiki Master and Peter is a musician and a Sound Healer. They are part of the group called Bright Beings.

This exercise is with music which includes binaural beats. In short, the binaural beats stimulate the brain to produce waves in alpha frequency. You will benefit the most by listening to it with good quality headphones.

After purchising you will receive an email with links to two files containing the same exercise. These files have different quality and size.

1. wav file – good quality but big size (I recommend this one)

2. mp3 file  – not as good quality but a lot smaller size

You can choose which one you want to download or you can download both. Please, read this to find out how to download the exercises.


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  1. This is an excellent exercise for bringing a sense of relief from day to day tension and fatigue. The music adds a wonderful new enjoyable dimension that makes this a valuable self care option.

    Harriet Scott
    Harriet Scott
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